Aaron Goodliffe

AIB Youth

Creative Concept - Video Content - Experiential - Reactive

Brief: AIB wanted to promote their Everyday Rewards loyalty program to a student audience whilst staying true to their Backing Brave proposition.

Solution:  What became apparent quickly was that being "Brave" means something very different to the audience and dealing with "the fear" was a universally relatable problem - whether from a heavy night out or running out of cash at the most inopportune moments. 

And so fearLESS was born, a campaign showing that AIB understand the struggles that go along with college and we wanted to do our best to make those fears disappear.

So over the month of September 2017 we released a series of fear moments, brought to life in a brilliantly illustrated style courtesy of designer Alex Murphy. We then surprised students all over the country with free stuff to make college life a little more fearLESS, before bringing a van on tour across the country, dishing out Chicken Fillet Rolls, USB Chargers and Energy bars.

The campaign was a resounding success, outperforming all previous 3rd level campaigns and drove over 5,000 sign ups over the course of the campaign.