Aaron Goodliffe

AIB x Electric Picnic

Campaign Platform - Social Content - Look and Feel - Sponsorship - Experiential

Brief: Develop and activate AIB’s partnership with Live Nation.

Solution: To activate AIB’s banking partnership with leading entertainment promoter Live Nation, we were tasked with developing a platform that focussed on the banks most useful service at festivals and events, Contactless payment, while staying true to AIB’s Everyday Banking proposition “Bank less, do more”.

We landed on the phrase “On Tap” - meaning “a continuous supply” and with nods to the bar trade, a key element of most Live Nation events - we combined this phraseology with the first event we were tasked with promoting - Electric Picnic.

To bring to life the fact that you could now buy food and drink with Contactless at the festival, we created a series of pre-event activations where we gave away tickets to Electric Picnic. Hidden in enormous vending machines dotted around the country, all you had to do was discover their locations through social and then tap with your Contactless card to unlock. These activations garnered massive engagement, with thousands of followers recruited as they attempted to discover the machines’ locations.

After the tickets were given away, we brought the machine to Electric Picnic, where we stocked it with everything festival goer’s needed to make their EP experience amazing - from wellies and wet wipes to jumpsuits and inflatables - demonstrating how AIB delivered everything you need to upgrade your Electric Picnic - on tap.